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fHaircut.com Cape Watch #2

Two more fhaircut videos recently released means only one thing! Time for a second cape watch

Video 181

Not too sure how much I like this peachy plastic number used in fhaircut video 181. I’ve never been a massive fan of capes or gowns with arm holes, and the neck fastening looks much too loose for my liking, however I may be wrong as it seems it does a perfect job of stopping the clippings sliding down the client’s neck when the fhaircut team break out the clippers!

Sadly this seems to be the only cape used in the video, even after they break out the razor and foam.

Video 182

Featuring hair washing and a dramatic long-short makeover video 182 seems slightly better than 181 in the cape department. First is this blue velcro-fastening cape that I definitely approve of:

Then for the rest of the transformation, the client is caped in this yellow-green cape, also velcro fastening:

Two videos, three capes, a whole load of hair cascading down them >:D


Neck Tissues

As I mentioned in my introduction, I find neck tissues an incredibly arousing part of the hairdressing process. This is despite having never had one used on me. I live in the United Kingdom, and as such have never encountered something that seems to be commonplace in the US and europe: a good tissuing before the cape.

I first discovered their use back when haircut.net and shsa.de were the only hairdressing sites that I knew about. These tight pieces of tissue were wrapped around the client’s neck, before the cape was closed tightly over it before the tissue was folded over the collar. I find the tightness of the capes one of their most arousing features, and as such anything that further contributes to this must be a good thing.

I think it further adds to the feeling of submission the client has once the barberette has them caped and at their mercy, you just have to sit and accept their control and the tissue and cape remind you of this. This is another reason why I prefer press stud/Velcro closing capes over tie neck or those that simply tuck into the collar.

Finally, I haven’t been able to find a single UK site that sells capes in the following style, can anyone link me to one?

fhaircut.com Cape Watch

Video 178

This cute asian girl is the one having her hair cut in video 178. Her hair is washed, and her nape dry razored before she’s caped in a lovely white clip-neck number:

However, not a lot seems to happen after that and she ends the video with long hair.

Video 179

This is the willing capee who features in video 179. The fhaircut barbers don’t mess around and quickly get her tightly wrapped in a deep blue cape:

Her hair is then systematically shaved into a bob and washed (during which the blue cape is removed) before the same cape is reset for the end of the video.

Video 180

This asian beauty is caped up in white (no neck tissue sadly) before the clippers are run down the middle of her head:

And she has a systematic headshave and faceshave in the traditional fhaircut way. Looks like only this cape is used though.

New Videos on Etv-Plus

Looking at the etv-plus, it seems three new videos have been released recently and all three of them look incredible: Summer Shearing, Barbershop Girls 19 and Glimmer. All of the images below are taken from etv-plus.com and as such are their property, not mine, and are just being used to show you what new stuff they have up.

Summer Shearing

Looks like there’s plenty of cape and neck tissue action considering there’s supposed to be eight separate haircuts in this video, and etv-plus love to cape between each one >D

Barbershop Girls 19

Well the preview image shows some tissue’ing so I’m definitely in love with this video too, like the deep blue cape in the second image, although they could have caped over the tissue a bit more neatly.


Cute, nervous looking blonde? Check. Multiple cape changes and neck tissues? Check. Recipe for awesome: complete.

In other news, hairmodels youtube channel is still down :/ Bummer.

Asian Haircut

Well caped, from haircutman2009’s flickr photostream.

Was just browsing flickr and found this on zanussa’s photostream (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27926277@N05/) , it’s a pair of videos where an asian girl is cut from a bob into a boyish style. Shame about the sloppy caping in the video but at least they used one!

Part One: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27926277@N05/4727926295/

Part Two:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/27926277@N05/4728031073/


(Image from ilse99’s flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37360534@N05/)

I suppose I should take some time to introduce myself, or at least introduce my fetish. Unlike many of the active posters I see on the internet, I fall on the younger side of the hair fetishist spectrum, being only 20 years of age. As such, I don’t have the confidence others seem to possess in posting their names / pictures of them indulging their fetish and other material. The concept of someone googling me and finding out about my fetish is quite a scary prospect for me.

This would inevitably lead to the question “if you want to hide your fetish so much, why don’t you try to get rid of it altogether?”. Quite simply, I prefer watching videos of girls being caped and having their hair cut over regular porn. It just seems to excite me in a way other acts don’t. However, don’t get me wrong. My fetish doesn’t stray into “true fetishism” and I’m perfectly capable of functioning sexually without a hair related stimulus.

But thoughts about true fetishism always seem to be lurking in the back of my mind: the internet seems to be full of posts regarding individuals whose fetishes have turned into obsessions over time, to the point where they find it starts affecting their day to day life. I hope this is never the case with me, but my level of fetishism seems to have remained fairly stable over the last couple of years.

I obviously do consider taking it further. Up till now I haven’t purchased anything relevant to my fetish, for fear of it being opened without my being there (completely irrational as no one I’m living with would open it) or fear of any company markings on the packaging being recognised and people asking about it. I’d love a cape, capes are the primary focus of my fetish, and I’m not sure why: preferably shiny/silky capes, non-black in colour with snaps or Velcro fastening in the back for a tight close.

While we’re on fetish items, I’ll mention something else. Despite the fact I didn’t even know that neck tissues/strips/whatever existing before I saw them on a hairmodels.de video clip, and the fact that I have never had one used on me, they rank up there with capes in terms of the excitement they generate.

For anyone who has endured this introduction-come-pointless-ramble, I present you with some random stuff from around the internet that you’ve probably seen before, but represent a sample of my tastes:


That should do it for now ^^ So feel free to comment, or drop me an email. I’m going to be trying to update as often as possible, so check back soon!

PS: Hairmodels Youtube Channel Down: Does anyone know if they’ve been hacked? The account was suspended when I tried to view it earlier, let me know if it goes back up :/